Menu and Wine List

The celebration of the senses

Our hotel offers a rich menu of high quality dishes, from carefully selected raw materials, our ched work with skill, technique and innovation. For our restaurant the attention of the choice of ingredients is critical to the success of our dishes, we choose according to their freshness, seasonality and traceability.

Our dishes require preparation techniques assures the organoleptic characteristics to the raw materials. We use cooking at low temperatures, attentive service, but not invasive. We exalt the nature of the products, colors and flavors that become the real protagonists of the dishes we offer to our guests. We are looking for authentic flavors that we find in the territorial excellence, in the matching between the light taste of the fish and the freshness of the vegetables enhanced by the contrast of textures, give life to dishes from unusual and sophisticated flavor, creatively presented and appealing.

The kitchen proposals are accompanied by an equally extensive wine list. The choice of our labels wanted to enhance the excellence of the Italian territory, without falling back into the circle of known names. A wine list that puts lesser-known highlight local realities, but equally deserving, offering guests of the restaurant L’Officina new proposals and never predictable.

Alongside the Italian names, you’ll also find a few foreign wines and spirits, including Champagne, Spanish Brandy, Whiskey, Grappa, vodka and rum, also selected according to a criterion which gives greater importance to the quality of production rather than the label’s reputation.

Menu Wine List