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Palazzo Moroni Event

October 2019

Bergamo, Città Alta. Baroque music rises in the air along Via Porta Dipinta. The doors of Palazzo Moroni open: sumptuous staircases, gleaming chandeliers and waiters in 18th century costumes welcome guests.

This is no historical re-enactment, but rather an exclusive event held at the renowned historic mansion in Città Alta, on the occasion of the “Forme” project now in its 5th edition, which celebrated Bergamo as the European Capital of cheese.

After a visit to the “World Cheese Awards” exhibition, guided by an ONAF expert, the event continued on to Palazzo Moroni where guests were taken on a journey through time thanks to the magnificent Baroque location and the team of the L’Officina Restaurant and Winter Garden Hotel, which carefully played the part in 18th century dresses, wigs included.

The setting was just kilometres from the Winter Garden Hotel yet the same harmonious ambience could be felt. An aperitif with savoury flavours welcomed guests. The cheeses featured in the event were presented in a lavish display in perfect Baroque style. All this led finally to a formal sit-down dinner, where elegance and tradition crowned this journey into the Baroque period.

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