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February 2017

Dim lights, scented candles and precious salts.
You are probably imagining a romantic date but, actually, it is much more.

With the “Happy Wellness” night on 24th February 2017, our wish was to guide the guests of THE SPA along a highly experiential path to discover our wellness treatments. An extremely relaxing evening, the recurrent leitmotiv of which was “Discover THE SPA Experience”. It was also the perfect opportunity to open the doors of perception through the five senses: the colour turquoise, excellent for relaxing the sight; smell and touch were certainly stimulated in the scrub corner with its fruity, flowery and delicious oriental essences used for massaging the face and hands; hearing was lulled along by sweet music vibes; and finally taste was pampered by a buffet of appetizing and light as feather finger food set up by the chefs of the restaurant L’Officina.

The guests had the privilege of being the first to try the treatments offered by the wellness centre for the spring season, as well as the novelties and the products of the Detox week, and were able to forget, at least for one night, the stress and frenzy of everyday life.

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